Our Beliefs

We believe

  1. The authority of the bible in what to believe and how to behave.
    God is a generous God who reveals himself to us rather than leaving us in the dark to find our way to him. In the bible, he reveals who he is and how he has reached out to us in the crucified and risen Lord Jesus Christ.
  2. The existence of one God, in three persons.
    God, the Father, creator and supreme ruler of the world. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Saviour of the world and the Lord of heaven and earth. The Holy Spirit who convicts people of sin, points them to Jesus and enables them to be holy.
  3. Jesus’ death on the cross as the only means of forgiveness.
    It is God’s central action of God in the world. Jesus died as a penalty for our sin, substituting himself in our place so that we could be forgiven for our sin and thereby escape God’s judgment.

We value

  • New Life in Jesus Christ – demonstrated by turning away from sin and relying on Jesus Christ as Lord.
  • The worship of God – to magnify God, not ourselves, by obedient living 24/7. This is our thankful response to God’s kindness shown to us in Jesus Christ.
  • Teaching the bible – in a systematic, clear, engaging and relevant manner so that it is accessible to everyday people.
  • Grace – needed by all people because we are all sinners and cannot earn a place in heaven by being good.
  • Faith – trusting in or relying upon the Lord Jesus Christ and the work he did in dying for us, rather than trusting in mankind and depending on ourselves.
  • Prayer – depending on Him for all things because without Christ we can do nothing (John 15:5).
  • Singing in church - involving the whole gathered people rather than a performance on stage. Praising God with joy using contemporary music and meaningful lyrics.
  • Church itself – the regular gathering of God’s people to worship Him, encourage each other and shine the light of the gospel for others to see.
  • Children – providing an appropriate Kid’s Church teaching during the adult teaching time plus a crèche.
  • Safe Church – the protection of children and the vulnerable is all-important and no abuse is tolerated.
  • Presbyterian – as a form of church government that appoints a team of elders to lead and encourages every member to exercise their gifts.

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