the risen Lord of all

We value

  • New Life in Jesus Christ – demonstrated by turning away from sin and relying on Jesus Christ as Lord.
  • The worship of God – to magnify God, not ourselves, by obedient living 24/7. This is our thankful response to God’s kindness shown to us in Jesus Christ.
  • Teaching the bible – in a systematic, clear, engaging and relevant manner so that it is accessible to everyday people.
  • Grace – needed by all people because we are all sinners and cannot earn a place in heaven by being good.
  • Faith – trusting in or relying upon the Lord Jesus Christ and the work he did in dying for us, rather than trusting in mankind and depending on ourselves.
  • Prayer – depending on Him for all things because without Christ we can do nothing (John 15:5).
  • Singing in church – involving the whole gathered people rather than a performance on stage. Praising God with joy using contemporary music and meaningful lyrics.
  • Church itself – the regular gathering of God’s people to worship Him, encourage each other and shine the light of the gospel for others to see.
  • Children – providing an appropriate Kid’s Church teaching during the adult teaching time plus a crèche.
  • Safe Church – the protection of children and the vulnerable is all-important and no abuse is tolerated.
  • Presbyterian – as a form of church government that appoints a team of elders to lead and encourages every member to exercise their gifts.