Our Team

Dave Martin


Dave, our church planter, has ministered to university students for over 20 years. He’s been married to Jan for 30 years! He has a questionable sense of humour and an addiction to good(?) coffee.

Sab Hardjo & Dan Turcato


Daniel is an accountant and married to Mary. Their current count of children is four. Enough said about feeling elderly. Sab is a local GP, married to Jess and only one behind Daniel on the children count.

Jess Thomas

Officer and Service Manager

Jess is energetic and helpful, organising our weekly services to run smoothly and also heading up office and event related matters. She is married to Scott, our student minister.

Our Values


We value the good news:

  • that Jesus Christ died for sins and was raised from the dead. Turning away from our sin and believing in Him brings new life.


We value the Bible:

  • It is God's inspired word which enables us to know God better, thus transforming our minds and changing our hearts.


We value the worship of God:

  • We seek to magnify God, not ourselves, by responding in thanks to God’s kindness shown in Jesus Christ. We express this by singing together in church and aiming to live obediently 24/7.


We value prayer:

  • We talk to God regularly together as a church, in small groups and personally asking him to help us live like Jesus.


We value serving God:

  • We serve joyfully, sacrificially and humbly out of love, gratitude and compassion. We are committed to serving our church, our denomination and our wider community.


We value people of all ages and walks of life.

  • We facilitate learning about God for all; from creche and New Life Kids, to Growth Groups during the week.
  • Our ‘Safe Church’ policy ensures that the protection of children and the vulnerable is all-important, and abuse or the potential for abuse will not be tolerated.


We value the community of believers:

  • We are committed to meeting together regularly to encourage one another in the faith and seeking to love, care for and forgive one another.
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What to Expect on Sunday

Whatever ideas or belief you have about God, we have created a space for you that will help you explore those ideas and beliefs in a welcoming and engaging environment.

Whether you are looking for a new church family or exploring the relevance of Jesus, we invite you to visit one of our services. At our meetings you’ll find a group of people who live and work in the local area and come together to learn of the life that Jesus offers.

There will be live music, prayers, Bible reading and a sermon during the service. Afterwards there will be an opportunity to stick around for some morning tea and a chat.